In the past it has been notoriously difficult for young technology companies to sell into the government market. However, this may be changing as a result of a number of factors, including government adoption of cloud technologies, constrained budgets, and the open data movement.

Specialist investor in this space, Govtech Fund, has called the industry the “$400 Billion market hiding in plain sight”. VentureRadar tracks 100s of companies in GovTech / CivicTech, so we decided to take a closer look and pick out the the young companies (founded in 2014 or 2015) that we think could be the stars of the future.

This is a trillion dollar industry globally, of governments spending money on technology…  … for the first time, companies can build real businesses in the serving the government sector, and those businesses are growing at a venture-backable rate.

– Ron Bouganim, Founder, GovTech Fund

You can find out more about each company in the profiles below.

DataPress / UK / Founded 2014 / Open data publishing platform

Custom made for cities, DataPress is designed to be a fast and affordable way to transform local government data into resources that residents can use. The company runs websites such as the London Datastore and the Leeds Data Mill, helping non-technical users in City Hall to clean and to publish open data. The company originates from engineers behind the UK’s open data portal

GovInvest / USA / Founded 2014 / Financial management for municipalities

GovInvest’s mission is to help governments solve their unfunded pension, OPEB, and debt problems, through its software and simple, understandable actuarial reports. The company provides value by facilitating easy communication of complex information to decision-makers and stakeholders, allowing them to understand and analyze their liabilities, and providing clear solutions.

CitizenLab / Belgium / Founded 2015 / Civic engagement platform

CitizenLab is a civic engagement platform on which citizens co-create their city. The platform facilitates a two-way communication between the city and its citizens. Citizens post ideas, discuss them with each other and upvote the best ideas — in a fun and easy accessible way. On the other hand, the city uses CitizenLab to consult the opinion of its citizens via polling or to ask their creative solutions to an existing problem. Our SaaS solution helps cities to tap into the collective intelligence of the citizens and become more responsive to their citizens’ needs.

iVocate / USA / Founded 2015 / B2B Advocacy Management Platform

iVocate is building a B2B advocacy management platform for Government relations professionals. It provides professional advocates with a platform for identifying allies and creating coalitions, and research, collaboration and communications tools to make management of coalitions and campaigns easier and more effective.

Urban Sync / Founded 2015 / Austria / Helping citizens co-create their city

Urban Sync allows citizens to co-create their city. Users can participate in surveys of urban projects and discuss their local area with neighbours anywhere at any time. Urban Sync provides the initiators and planners of urban projects with the ability to develop the city according to the wishes of those who live there; a vision is based on citizens’ ideas, ratings, comments and wishes.

GovSense / USA / Founded 2014 / Permitting, licensing and financial cloud software

GovSense is designed to allow local government to build smarter communities. The company’s cloud ERP is designed specifically for local government, to empower jurisdictions to design flexible, easy-to-use solutions that meet their needs in land use planning, project review, regulatory management, permitting & inspections, code enforcement, citizen requests, asset management, work order management and more.

Grillo / Mexico / Founded 2014 / Earthquake detection and warning system

Grillo is developing a new way of detecting earthquakes and delivering notifications to vulnerable people around the world that the company says could save up to 13,000 lives and $24B in economic damages each year. Grillo has developed its own infrastructure of seismic sensors in Mexico and plans to reach other countries soon. The sensors, developed by Grillo, are deployed in ‘sensor stations’ which send data using Internet of Things technologies (IoT), and are processed in Google Cloud servers using the company’s proprietary algorithms. This allows Grillo to send accurate and geo-located alerts to all the population.

PlaceAVote / USA / Founded 2014 / Crowdsourced, real-time voting on legislation

Los Angeles, California-based PlaceAVote lets users read, debate and vote on every bill before congress. PlaceAVote wants to break down walls of communication, increase peer-to-peer collaboration and allow users to vote directly on the bills congress is debating. Existing Congress members can then choose to fully represent the will of their constituents because through PlaceAVote they will know it.

MuniRent / USA / Founded 2014 / Equipment and service sharing for public agencies

MuniRent is a website that makes it easy for public agencies to share equipment and personnel. The company’s ‘Collaborative Government’ technology is designed to empower governments to reduce costs, increase utilization and improve efficiency.

Remix Software / Founded 2014 / USA / Transit planning for cities

Remix allows city transit planners to design routes in any city and immediately understand the cost and demographic impact of a proposed change. It allows users to automatically pull in their region’s existing transit networks to quickly evaluate different alternatives, and empowers planning teams to visualize ideas in a way that is designed to allow anyone to understand and support.

Civocracy / Founded 2015 / Germany

By bringing together politics, citizens, non-profits, and corporates, and bridging the gap between them, Civocracy aims to facilitate collaborative discussion and encourage participation and civic engagement in communities. Civocracy hopes that by incorporating the most relevant news, discussions, and ways to get involved on any issue Civocracy will be the best place to learn about, discuss, and take action on the issues people care about.