One of the most common triggers for people using VentureRadar is to seek out similar companies to ones they are already aware of. Perhaps you have seen a hot new startup that is beginning to grab headlines and want to similar innovators; or have a technology challenge that an existing company can’t quite help with but would like to find other similar companies as a shortlist to investigate further.

For situations like this we’ve introduced a new feature in search results to “Find Similar Companies to…”. You can see this option on all the search results pages.


Here Are Some Examples To Get You Started


What We Mean by Similar Companies

There are three elements that we consider to define similarity:

(1) Companies with similar technology / skills / expertise
(2) Companies that apply similar concepts / business models
(3) Companies that operate in the same sector or ‘ecosystem’

The similarity algorithm we have developed takes into account all of these factors. It combines Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Custom Algorithms, and is built on top of our own proprietary data set.

We have found ourselves becoming a bit addicted to scrolling through the lists of similar companies, and hope you do as well!