Richard Swart of the World Bank has forecast the global crowdfunding market will reach $300 billion by 2025. The current total may only be a fraction of that but is growing quickly and crowdfunding is now the first funding choice for many of the most exciting start-ups and growth companies.

With so most exciting companies taking this funding route, we decided to select our favourite companies currently raising equity crowdfunding, tapping into our live feed from crowdfunding aggregator OFF3R. You can find out more about the companies in the profiles below.

Cambridge Nutraceuticals / UK / Nutraceutical products

Cambridge Nutraceuticals develops and markets ‘FutureYou’ health supplements, with clinically proven benefits. Building on its original product, a popular dietary supplement that became known as “the tomato pill”, the company has rebranded as and is now rapidly expanding its range of health supplements and raising funding to help market its new pipeline of products.

Cambridge Nutraceuticals says the supplements market in the UK is worth £890m a year, with online sales of £220m per year, and growth of more than 10% per year for the past past 5 years. It is planning on taking a large share of this currently fragmented market.

Cambridge Nutraceuticals is currently raising funding on Syndicate Room.

Magnetica / Australia / Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Technologies

Magnetica is a biomedical engineering and technology company specialising in next generation Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technologies.

Magnetica has developed and patented IP and technology that allows smaller, lighter, faster and cheaper MRI systems to be built. Components of the patented technologies have already been utilised under license by global medical systems integrators.

The company says the global MRI equipment market is projected to reach US$6.3 billion by 2018.

Magnetica is currently raising funding on Equitise.

Savortex / UK / Energy saving smart hand dryers

Savortex designs and manufactures low energy hand dryers which can also be connected to the internet, providing actionable insights into washrooms.

The company’s low energy EcoCurve™ high speed hand dryer for example consumes just 550W, which the company says offers the lowest cost and carbon footprint per dry of any warm air hand dryer. When web-connected the driers can also send footfall data which allows cleaners to clean washrooms based on actual usage.

Organisations such as the Royal Bank of Scotland, Carillion Plc., British Airways and Marriott Hotels are already customers.

Savortex is currently raising funding on Eureeca.

Arctic Shores / UK / Big data and games-based psychometric assessments

Arctic Shores designs games-based psychometric assessments that deliver objectivity, accuracy and fairness in candidate selection. The company is aiming to  provide a selection tool that is fit for the Millennial generation hungry for a more technologically driven approach.

Arctic Shores’ psychologists work with game designers to build scenarios that follow strict psychometric research criteria, but which are fun to play. As candidates’ intuitively react to in-game challenges they leave behind a digital fingerprint of over 3000 data points. Arctic Shore uses big data analytics to combine thousands of in-game actions to form meaningful psychological variables from this data.

Existing customers include Deloitte and Standard Life.

Arctic Shores is currently raising funding on VentureFounders.

TC Biopharm / UK / Cell-based products for treating cancer and severe viral infections

TC BioPharm has developed a clinical therapy called ImmuniCell® which harnesses the body’s own immune system to fight cancerous tumours. Every person has gamma delta T cells as part of their immune system – they are one of the key defenses that help fight illness. Using a proprietary process, TCB isolates and expands patients’ own gamma-delta T cells to better attack tumours.

Whilst the current ImmuniCell® treatment is a patient-specific ‘personalised medicine’, the company has a pipeline of second-generation products with the potential to treat larger numbers of cancer patients. This pipeline provides a cost-effective way for TC BioPharm to partner with pharmaceutical companies to target significant patient populations.

TC BioPharm is currently raising funding on SyndicateRoom.

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