With so many exciting companies taking the equity crowdfunding route, we decided to select our favourite companies currently raising funding, tapping into our live feed from crowdfunding marketplace OFF3R.

The companies we’ve selected are: GoInStore, Ancon Technologies, MBJ London, MBA & Company, Cupris, See.Sense, Racefully, Celeno, and Nalia. You can find out more about the companies in the profiles below.

GoInStore / Founded 2014  / UK

GoInStore allows retailers to create a direct communication channel between online visitors and in-store assistants using head mounted wearable technology or other mobile devices.

Online visitors can experience the on-premise environment through the in-store assistant’s eyes in real time while talking to a real expert. Founded in 2014 by three retail technology veterans, GoInStore aims to disrupt the way multi-channel businesses engage with their customers.

GoInStore is currently raising funding on Envestors.

Ancon Technologies / Founded 2003  / UK

Ancon has developed a technology which it says has the potential to revolutionise explosives, drugs and chemical weapons detection within the security, border control and defence industries.

The technology detects trace concentrations of threat materials in the air at the level of a single molecule, providing levels of sensitivity that the company says are many orders of magnitude superior to existing technologies. Ancon says it is recognised by the MoD as the only technology which has the capability to meet the performance requirements of the next generation of civilian and military threat detection systems.

Ancon Technologies is currently raising funding on Envestors.

MBJ London / Founded 2011  / UK

MBJ LONDON provides a high-quality online presence for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) via a subscription-based model. The company believes this is a huge market opportunity, since many SMEs have been left behind in the tech revolution, leaving them desperate for an easy and affordable solution to help their business keep up with the market.

By offering  a high-quality, hassle-free solution called WaaS (Website as a Service) the company is addressing this market need.

MBJ London is currently raising funding on Crowdcube.

MBA & Company / Founded 2009  / UK

MBA & Company offers consultants on demand, capitalising on the trend for an increasing number of highly skilled professionals to build careers as independent consultants.

Its aim is to make accessing expert talent on demand the new standard in corporate hiring and to create the full ecosystem for this type of work to flourish. Through its online service, companies can gain access to exact matches based on their requirements from a large pool of screened and vetted consultants for consultancy projects across regions and sectors. Typical projects include market research, due diligence, competitive analysis, strategic business planning, and organisational reviews.

MBA & Company is currently raising funding on VentureFounders.

Cupris / Founded 2011 / UK

Cupris Health develops communication software and smartphone-connected medical devices that enable the remote diagnosis and management of patient conditions. The first device is an Otoscope for examining and capturing clinical images and videos of the eardrum.

The company says the online medical consultation market is estimated to have grown 400% from 2012 – 2014 and be worth up to $60 billion in developed countries.

Cupris  is supported by the NHS, with clinical trials in the UK and Nepal, and is led by healthcare, design and technology veterans.

Cupris is currently raising funding on Crowdcube.

See.Sense / Founded 2013  / UK

See.Sense has developed one of the world’s first intelligent bike lights, not only making cyclists more visible on the road, but collecting crowdsourced data to help create smart cities. Established in 2013, See.Sense says it has almost doubled revenue every year and has won several major awards.

See.Sense is currently raising funding on Crowdcube.

Racefully / Founded 2014  / UK

Racefully lets you run virtually with friends in real time – wherever they are in the world.

The company says that current fitness apps offer a largely solitary experience and leave little room for the social benefits of running, yet studies show that people who keep fit together enjoy themselves more and achieve better health outcomes.

Racefully’s social virtual fitness experience is designed to ensure there’s always someone great to exercise with, and uses a patent-pending system to immerse participants in the competition and camaraderie of exercising together, adjusting behind the scenes for differences in route, gradient and conditions.

Racefully is currently raising funding on Crowdcube.

Celeno / Founded 2005  / Israel

Celeno is a leading provider of smart, managed Wi-Fi solutions. Its high performance Wi-Fi chips and software technology address the ever-changing demands of a burgeoning wireless lifestyle.

The evolving Wi-Fi standards have delivered continually increasing speeds with devices supporting the latest 802.11ac standard expected to reach gigabit speeds. However, these devices are unable to cope with the exponentially growing complexity of the home environment that is characterized by a proliferation of devices, a growing range of demanding applications and services running simultaneously throughout the home. Celeno’s extensive 802.11ac chip portfolio and technologies are designed to excel in real life, dense network scenarios, delivering the level of management, performance, speed, coverage, reliability and superlative user experience expected by Wi-Fi users for the most demanding use cases including 4K video streaming, data, and home-spots.

Celeno is currently raising funding on OurCrowd.

Nalia / Founded 2005  / UK

NALIA Systems is a developer of customisable immunodiagnostic systems that accelerate biomedical research and drug discovery and development.

NALIA’s technology provides arrays of multiple biomarkers in either a standard 96-well format or in a single-sample point-of-care format. Each NALIA Array will replace several existing single biomarker assays and extend the scope of information available, which will enable clinicians to improve the diagnosis of complex diseases without increasing healthcare costs.

Nalia is currently raising funding on Syndicate Room.


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