A couple of new features have gone live in our company search engine recently that make it even easier to locate the companies you are looking for. Both are based on deep learning techniques trained on VentureRadar data:

(1) Suggested Similar Keywords in Search

Search results are now accompanied by suggested similar keywords to help you discover and explore related areas.

The similar keywords are determined using a deep learning model based on Word2Vec that has been trained using the company description data VentureRadar tracks for 100,000s of companies; so the suggested keywords are especially tailored for finding companies.

The similar keywords are shown at the bottom of search results pages. Here are some examples to try out:

Similar Keywords for Machine Learning

Similar Keywords for Water Treatment

Similar Keywords for Nutrition

(2) Finding Similar Companies

We’ve also enhanced our Similar Companies feature by incorporating a deep learningĀ model based on Doc2Vec (also see here for other work we’ve been doing with Doc2Vec) which allows you to more accurately locate and rank companies that are similar to each other.

Here are some examples to try:

Find Similar Companies to Transferwise (P2P international money transfer)

Find Similar Companies to Rethink Robotics (robots for research and industry)

Find Similar Companies to Skycatch (industrial UAV products and services)

Find Similar Companies to Green Biologics (industrial biotechnology)

You can find the Similar Companies button on all search results: